"Get Our New Hybrid Organic System™️ and Book 10-20 High Ticket Sales Appointments In the Next 10 Dayswithout spammy DM's or grinding out content



Fill Your Calendar Challenge is designed to help you book 10 to 20 qualified sales appointments from Facebook/Instagram or LInkedin in 10 days

...without spending hours hunting for leads in groups

...without sending spammy DM's

...without grinding out long FB post

….or burning your wallet on expensive ad strategies

We achieve this by using our hybrid organic-marketing system that works to build up a pool of potential clients by having an easy flowing conversations so you can book sales calls before breakfast ;)

We've proven the system with 100's of clients in many different niches!

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Access The Fill Your Calendar Challenge + Hybrid Organic System Instantly For $67 .

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Once You Start The Challenge and Install The

Hybrid Organic System into Your Business...

Everything Is Going To Change For You…

  • You won't have to spend hours hunting and talking to unqualified prospects

  • You won't have to book calls only to find that they just “can’t afford it”

  • You won't have to be a slave to the organic manual grind

  • You won't have to spend countless hours in Cold DM
  • You’ll know exactly where to look for when finding your ideal prospects without wasting hours in low value groups talking to freebies and tire kickers

  • Get your prospects in a “buy-ready” state before they book a call with you

  • Become a master of contextualised conversations that convert to high ticket sales in 7 days

  • You'll create social posts that get 100 + comments (aka leads)

  • You'll have a step-by-step replicable system that takes you off your business and hand it over to someone else in a platter

  • You won't have to book calls only to find that they just “can’t afford it”

  • Which means you’re going to get more sales appointments easier than ever

Ready To Book More Sales Appointments?

"Will You Become Our Next Success Story?"

Rapidly Fill Your Calendar with Warm Inbound Leads Without Spending Hours Cold Emailing,  Messaging or Running Paid Ads...This Method Works in Any Market Especially During Uncertain Times!
Want a *Timeless* Organic Marekting Process That Put Inbound calls on your Calendar on a daily basis? without having to send cold emails or run ads?
"Is Organic Lead Generation  Sucking Your Eergy...TIME, ENERGY & EFFORT depleted And Not Getting Many Clients?"


*New Hybrid Organic System*

The "HOLY GRAIL" To Organic Marketing & Client Acquisition ...

This Dangerously Fun Challenge

Proven to 2x to 5x Your Call Bookings


From: George Tritton-Price

Expert Freedom HQ Ascot - UK

Date: November 26- 2021

Hi, I'm George

Today is a GOOD day!

Today is we wave bye bye to old methods of marketing & lead generation…

like “interrogation” conversations that make you feel weird & icky…

Bye bye...

"long social media posts” that take hours to create but rarely create results.....”inbound” hype that leaves you hanging with crickets every time you post? no fun.

bye bye to inconsistent and unpredictable…

"fancy paid funnels” promising to "book calls easily" but instead it burns a hole in your wallet + [ Ad platforms shut you down a 5th time! lol]

We're done with it.

"Paid In Full High Ticket Sales!" 

It's OVER!


Control in your coaching/consulting biz.

Control over all aspects of your lifestyle

Living out the reality of you being an active results creator at the top of your game signing up clients with ease…changing the world, transforming lives!

*+ enjoying it!*

Unlocking a new chapter of growth.



Most Biz Owners Are Doing Organic All WRONG:

→Approach A:

"Hustle, Throw mud against a wall hoping it will stick, spend hours of unstructured time creating content and engaging in conversations after a few months of this, they decide it doesn’t work and stop.

→ Approach B: 

Have a process and a proven organic strategy...but not consistent with the activity because it's overwhelming & confusing.

After a few weeks of burning out, they think it’s the strategy that’s broken.

If you do one or the other you’ve FAILED! You'll stay stuck forever...
Kris Hit $10k in a Month

...Never hitting your goals

Worrying how you’re going to finally pull off your best month ever without burning out. (stressful)

Here's the current market reality....


"Trust Is at All Time Low"

Your future clients are sophisticated...

They've tried many methods...

programs, services and coaches...

many failed to help them get solve the problem.

They have massive distrust & buyer defence

(so your job is harder! Especially if you're using the old methods)

The old ways of...

50 dead end conversations...

...the endless posing.

...the long drawn out webinars or masterclasses

...the FB group

they don’t cut it anymore.

Your future clients have seen it all.

A new approach is needed...

After 725 days...

100's of posts...

1000's of conversations...

Failing so many eventually strike gold.

We uncovered a new approach you'll find fun + easy to you the ability to build profitable relationship quickly.

this new approach is so valuable that people have paid us over £10,000 + for it. 

It's a total Paradigm Shift

You'll have a calendar full of highly qualified leads

Kerrie Made £18,000 in 2 Weeks

The [New Approach]:  

"The Coach/Consultant Who Builds The Deepest Bond with Future Clients WIN" In other words...

Biz owners who have a system to start, grow and engage in conversations with future clients WIN.

The Hybrid Organic System combines natural human bonding with a value 1st pre-frame strategy so you can quickly have“natural” easy flowing conversations

(without coming off as a “spammer” or “salesy”)

building deep relationships quickly.

helping you book calls with ease

 First 50k Month...
Laurence Made £14k in 2 Weeks
Christian is Closing $3,800 Sales

if you not getting the kinda results you want right now

It’s NOT your fault!

MOST programs...don't help you stay consistent...

Giving you busy work...

instead of high revenue activities!

That’s why I put together.... 

The 'Fill Your Calendar' Challenge

to help you quickly install the Hybrid Organic System

so you can 2x to 5x your sales conversations and grow your freedom...



Special Fire Sale Ends In In:

Here's How The Challenge Works....


You'll upgrade your marketing lead gen system..turning your efforts into a powerful audience builder..

You'll discover our Hybrid Organic System: a relationships 1st organic funnel designed to help you generate qualified conversations via simple posts, FB groups & messenger conversations...(the easy way)

You won’t have to do cold calls, cold email, cold dm's endless posts or run paid ads….

You'll have a pool of potential prospects so you have an abundance of sales appointments whenever you want them

Then you'll learn how to use Bonding Actions™️️ to deepen intimacy and build relationships quickly so you can get into warm active messenger conversations...(without coming off as needy or spammy)

Rory Making $5,000 Sales
And another



You’ll learn how to craft a high ticket offer that people CANNOT walk away from...

You’ll also be shown how to check if your current offer is hitting your ideal clients' pain points. 

Then you'll learn the 3 'Deadly Sins' that re-pell clients away from your offer... and how to pivot your offer into a profitable blue ocean... making it clear and compelling so your market want to buy right now.

Finally use the BUMPC offer positioning framework to adjust your message to work organically... and you'll be shown where to deploy your message across all online assets.

By the end of this day you’ll start sparking a frenzy of new interest in your offer.


You’ll be show exactly what to say to cold leads on social media chats so they book calls with you, wanting your help...

You'll be shown WHEN to make offers and WHEN NOT to make offers (doing the wrong one at the wrong time can cost you sales!)

Learn our EasyFlow conversation framework to help you pull leads onto your calendar and onto the phone using an NON-salesly approach that people love. 

We'll talk through how to get over the fear of rejection so you can talk to anyone anytime without feeling resistance 

By the end of this day you'll have the confidence to book calls consistently no matter the market condition. 


You’ll learn how to create evergreen client pulling content in less time that gets engagement no matter the weather

You'll learn the Content Carousel™️️ technique to make writing content 10x faster... the process we use to plan your content without spending hours creating it.

7 Attraction Posts™️ & Copy Frameworks you can use to spark 100’s of comments (hand raisers) in less than you only talk to qualified conversations.

By the end of this you’ll never have to worry about what content you should create to get your markets attention

DAY 4️⃣ - 🔟

The '59min DAILY FLOW' ✅

 You’ll learn how to get into momentum anytime using the 59min Daily Flow Activity

You'll be shown exactly how you find new leads to talk to everyday so you never run out of people in your pipeline.

You'll deploy the daily flow for 59min to 2x to 5x your sales opportunities... and shown what KPI numbers you should track to stay consistent each day. 

By the end of this day you’ll know exactly how to fill your calendars each week without hustling all day on social or spending a fortune on ads. 

How Do We Deliver This?

Instant Access to On-demand Training Inside the Organic Marketing Portal ✅

Our challenge system is delivered instantly inside of our organic marketing portal.

You'll have 24/7 access to all the tools and templates you'll need to successfully generate clients from facebook organic

+ When You Enrol Today Get These Bonuses FREE

✅ The Ultimate Organic Tracker 3.0 (UDT)

...the easy-to-use spreadsheet to track your KPI numbers helping you predict revenue week to week.


The FB Group Upgrade

...upgrade your group questions +training guides so you start warmer convo's that lead to calls and clients quickly


The 1 Post A Week Strategy

...our famous 1 post a week strategy to book 10 to 20 calls. showing you how to get 50+ comments on every offer post via Specific Easy To Consume RIA. Then you'll learn how to turn comments into calls without it taking all day

Ultimate Organic Pipeline Tool (Trello)

Organise and Manage all of your conversations so you never loose a potential opportunity…(never forget about a lead)


FB Hybrid Personal Profile Funnel That Made Over 100K

Understand how to position your profile using  scientific sales phycology helping you attract qualified clients faster

How To Write Offer Post That Attract Sofisticated Clients...through the PLS Framework…

…a easy to write copywriting formula helping you talk directly to your ideal clients getting them to reach out to you. 

The Organic "Yes" Money Mindset - Make Organic Marketing Your Highest Income Activity

 Shows You A POWERFUL Perspective Shift That Connects You to Rhythm & Consistency…You’ll learn to see with “Money Eyes” and align your energy. 

Messenger Convo Breakdown + Examples 

Real conversations that went from 'Friend Request' To 'Clients' in less than 24 Hours... so you know what to look out for and what to respond with.

7 Attraction Post Examples PDF

7 posts frameworks you can deploy today that are guaranteed to spark engagement from ideal clients & position you as a leader. *proven posts that pull in an influx of calls, clients and revenue*


15 Min Roadmap Coaching Call

You get to speak to our team of organic marketing experts who will put you on the fastest path to creating more money right now. You can ask us anything you want on the call + you'll be shown a few tricks to help kick start your challenge

Private Challenge FB Group + LIVE Q&A

Not only do you get instant access to all the system you also unlock access to a private FB group with challengers from all of the world...

Ask questions and grow you business quickly. - George and our team of experts are only available ONCE a month

Here Is Your Mission,

(Should You Choose To Accept This Challenge…)

Your Challenge Is To TAKE ACTION And Complete The Tasks Given To You, Every Day For 10 Days to 2x to 5x Your Sales Conversations 

Do You Accept?


Its worth at least £5,000

Right now it's just 1 payment of $97

Today Special: $67

Price Goes Up to $197 in:

You'll Never Have To Worry About An Empty Calendar Again...

Once you’ve been through this challenge and have everything set up, you can say goodbye to the stress & frustration of an empty calendar and not having a reliable system you can use to book calls & convert to high ticket clients. 

You’ll never have to worry about slumps again

Can you imagine what life will be like when those things have gone from your life? 

Imaging having 10 sales calls with perfect fit clients each week how much more money would you make? 

What will you do with all the extra opportunity?

Want Proof Our System Works? See Client Results....

Luke Made £35k

 $3,500 paid in full for coaching program
$3,750 instalment plan for coaching 
$4,000 new client for coaching program
$3,600 New Client
£2,000 using organic 
Irina Making $3,000 

Nicola enjoying the process

Amber - 3 Sales Calls Booked 
Do You Have a Guarantee?

YES. If You Don't 2x Your Active Sales Conversations (aka revenue potential) We'll Happily Send Your Investment Back.

We're So Confident This is the BEST Organic System for Booking Sales Calls on the Planet

Only JOIN If You Can Commit To Daily Implementation

Here's What To Do Next...

From here it's just finalising the details. Click on the button below, enrol and we'll send you access to the group & training, then we can finally get started!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watching the video. I look forward to hearing your success story at the end of the challenge!

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

When you join the "Fill Your Calendar" 10 day challenge today (for just $97 - $67) 

I'm going to give you access to the Hybrid Organic System & 59min Daily Flow Activity that shows you how to 2x to 5x your sales opportunities with warm inbound leads without cold dm's, emails or paid ads + bonuses

PLUS you'll have a full 10-day experience where you work with us to get your calendar full of warm high ticket leads... 

Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don't love the challenge - email us saying so and we'll refund your $67 +you keep all the training.

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?! Join the "Fill You Calendar" challenge today!

Here's a Recap

What You're Going To Get Inside...

10 Day Challenge Pre-Recorded Masterclasses

  • 10 Day Fill Your Calendar Challenge
  • Day 1: Hybrid Organic System
  • Day 2: Offer Positioning & Future Client Sophistication
  • Day 3: Easy Flow Conversations
  • Day 4: Content Carousel
  • Day 5 - 10: 59Min Daily Flow

+ When You Take Action Today Get These Bonuses FREE

  • Ultimate Organic Pipeline (Trello)
  • The 1 Post A Week Strategy

The Organic "Yes" Money Mindset (To Making Organic Your Highest Income Activity)

Hybrid Personal FB Profile Funnel That Made Over £200k )

How To Write Offer Post That Attract Sophisticated Clients

7 Attraction Post Examples PDF

Messenger Convo Breakdown + Examples

The Ultimate Organic Tracker (UDT)

+ Get LIMITED TIME Bonuses

Private Q&A Facebook Group + Exclusive Training

15 Min Roadmap Coaching Call

It's worth at least $5,000

Join The 10 Day ‘Fill Your Calendar’ Challenge Today...

Just 1 payment of $97

Today Special - $67

This Challenge Isn't For Everyone

If you want to watch every day of the challenge, and say “Thanks, George & Manny! That was some great info!” 

...but never actually do anything with it, that’s entirely up to you.

(But chances are, nothing will actually change in your business… If that’s what you want to do, then this challenge is probably not for you).


If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do 59mins of revenue generating work for 10 days…

If you want to be trained daily by George & Manny, and have them PULL you in the right direction...

If you need a good hard PUSH from a coach who will hold you accountable, and make sure that you get these tasks DONE (no excuses!) 

Then we invite you to accept the 10 Day ‘Fill Your Calendar' Challenge, get your organic funnel built, so you can fill your calendars and start creating momentum in your business.

Are You A DOER or a DABBLER?

I’m guessing there are two types of people reading this, you’re either a doer or a dabbler. The dabblers love to listen and learn, but they rarely ever do anything and often look for any excuse not to move forward.

Some of you are doers -- you’re not sure how this is going to work for you, but you see how its working for us and our clients so you BELIEVE it will work for you as well

And what I’ve found is that its the doers who get ahead in life, while the dabblers don’t ever really seem to progress.

Be a DOOER not a Dabbler

You Can Start Getting Clients TODAY!

To get best results from the challenge you must do 59min task each day for 10 days. you won't be required to show up live to get results.

Thats why when you enrol today you're going to get access to the recorded trainings and bonuses so you can grow your knowledge from the comfort of your own home, in your own time. 

What are you waiting for? 

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